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Mechanical Soft Diet

What Is Mechanical Soft Diet

A diet which follows the principle of the balanced diet but includes only foods that are easy to chew and swallow. This diet is prescribed to persons with chewing difficulty or disability. Depending on the patient's tolerance, food is broken down to smaller particles by mechanical means such as grinding, mashing, chopping, and pureeing.

Some Tips On Mechanical Soft Diet

  1. Choose foods that could be mashed, ground, chopped, pureed or blended.
  2. Cook rice and other cereals until soft.
  3. Work with clean hands, equipment, utensils and containers to minimize contamination and spoilage.
Mechanical Soft Diet 3-day Sample Menu
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Mashed banana Papaya Scraped Apple
Mechanical soft sauteed White bread with peanut Chopped tempura  chunks 
potato-egg butter or mashed potato Champorado
White bread with jam Champorado with milk Salabat
Oatmeal with milk Warm milk, no sugar
Soy coffee
Mechanical soft tokwa  Mechanical soft sweet- Mechanical soft vegetarian
adobo and-sour gluten apritada
Mechanical-soft sauteed Mechanical soft boiled Pureed malunggay
squash   chayote Lugaw
Soft rice Soft rice Soymilk
Gelatin delight Juice
Arroz caldo Sauteed mongo beans Mechanical soft chili
Warm milk Porridge beans
Soft fruit salad Soft fresh fruit Porridge
Juice Fresh buko
Note: The modification of this diet is simple. Balanced diet is cooked with added water and is 
either mashed, chopped, pureed, blended or osteorized.

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