Kraurosis Vulvae

Kraurosis vulvae is a malady peculiar to middle-aged or elderly women, characterized by atrophy, shriveling, and constriction of the skin and mucous membrane of the external genital region. It is a stubborn disorder, with surface changes, including hardening, drying, and graying of the skin, and sometimes of the underlying tissues, resulting in a narrowing of the vaginal opening. Itching may be intense.

This is not a discrete disease but a manifestation of some other illness such as senile atrophy or a systemic connective tissue disease.

Kraurosis Vulvae Treatment And Prevention

  1. Apply a soothing lotion or ointment such as calamine lotion or rose water ointment.

  2. Consult a dermatologist (a physician who is trained in treating diseases of the skin) so that he may identify and treat the underlying condition.

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